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Can silence be elegance?

Hello Ladies, Recently I was in a situation where there was talk going around about someone that I had specific knowledge of the circumstances that others were speaking about I was asked directly about it {and felt like a deer in headlights}. I have to admit part of me wanted to hash out all the details so they could know "what really happened" because surly they would see the silliness of it all and laugh...BUT I choose to not go down that road. Do you ever think that in this time of tell all's and instant information {even if it is false}, quick unedited judgement and snap assumptions that the most elegant and beautiful thing to say is nothing at all? I have really been thinking about this and I believe if we spoke less, listened longer before speaking and lots of time chose silence over giving our input and opinion {sometimes when no one even asked}, we would be in a much more positive and healthy state of mind. I am pretty sure we have all done it, there are so many ways to do so nowadays for instance the quick facebook post button sharing news or information you either hate or love, liking others or disliking others information that they have shared, sharing something about someone you dislike or an opinion on an issue you disagree with and using words or insults in the captions that are rude,ungracious, and downright mean I have seen it, I have done it, but I am trying not to do it any longer and when I see others do it, I cringe and think to myself {a lot of the time} that I know 100% this person that posted those things is in fact none of those descriptions I just mentioned, I seriously doubt most people would say any of those things to any one in person, it would never even cross their minds to do so, so why is it so easy to do behind the safety of a computer screen or behind someones back? Why do we feel the need to call others names like idiot, stupid, disgusting, etc? Going into this new year I am making a very real and calculated effort to diminish any negative talk or emotions towards others and myself, I am taking the steps [believe me I know there will be plenty of missteps] but I am taking the initiative to remove as much negativity from my life and my mind, I am taking the time to be thoughtful before I speak, write or post. I am choosing to try to be elegant in my dealings with others even if I disagree with them even if I don't know them personally. I am going to try to elevate my mind to the highest degree of acceptance of others. Yes I believe many times silence is the most elegant of gifts. Stay elegant my beautiful friends.

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