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7 Reasons Why You Should Finally Print Those Photos

Raise your hand if you’ve got a digital pile of pictures that are collecting virtual dust. Sure, you might dig them out of your Dropbox account or iPhone photo roll every once in a while, but you paid for those pictures and chances are they’re not getting the visual justice they deserve. OK, I'm partly kidding, but it’s kind of true! Below I've laid out 7 different reasons why you should finally get to printing all those digitally imprisoned images. Maybe one or two of them will compel you into action so that you can enjoy those smiles on the reg.

They’d Look Really Great on the Fridge Your fridge is prime real estate for some of your favorite portraits. Not only will you get to look at them multiple times a day, but so will friends and family when they come over for dinner. That Blank Wall Could Use a Nice Smile You know that blank wall in your home? Maybe it’s above the living room couch, in the stairway, or in your front entry. A canvas print would tackle two birds: décor and finally getting those pics printed. Your Kids Are Currently Frozen In Time So many of us are guilty of printing our photos, feeling accomplished for doing so, and then waiting forever to print the most recent batch. It’s now been four years, and your kids have changed completely since. Update your existing, outdated portraits with pictures that are much more recent. You’re Craving a Décor Makeover If you’re bored with your current living room, bedroom, nursery, or even hallway, adding a few pictures throughout is a great way to inexpensively and very easily change things up. Grab some new throw pillows or a window dressing to match while you’re at it! Every Office Desk Needs Some Family Love Whether you’ve got a home office in need of some TLC or a work desk at the office that needs to be infused with a bit more personality, a framed 5x7 or 4x6 print will always do the trick. If you’re feeling ambitious, opt for a collage or a canvas. A Scrapbook Project Could Be Real Fun Putting together a scrapbook for your partner or children isn’t only therapeutic for you, but it will be a treasured gift they’ll keep forever. You could even invite a loved one to help create the scrapbook with you. They Make Amazing Gifts Nobody is going to turn away a Starbucks gift card or a new gadget, but the gift of images takes things to a whole new, personalized level. Whenever you’re in doubt, gift pictures. Canvases, framed 8x10s, flipbooks, and albums are a joy to give and receive.

My final thoughts...Don't keep you photos lost in space, print them and hang them up or at the very least place them in an album they are precious memories that you will treasure forever don't take the chance of losing them in a cell phone, computer or external hard drive disaster once they are gone you will realize the importance they had for you. The photo on the top of the page is of my husband and son when we drove cross country and stopped to go searching down a road where cars were not allowed I took the shot with my phone and I loved it and printed it out every time I see it I am reminded of our wonderful trip and I see my son as a small boy whom has grown so much.

Light and Peace, Paula VM

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